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As the MCR family, we have been offering classic, daily, stylish and sports men's clothing, which we produce with the highest quality yarn and fabric, to our customers all over the world since 1989. We have added our Wholesale online store to our wholesale stores in Istanbul Laleli and Merter in Turkey in order to keep up with the developing world and provide better service to our customers. 100% customer satisfaction is one of the most important principles adopted by the MCR family. The biggest indicator of this is the production speed.Providing fast and reliable service and never compromising on quality, MCR works with world-famous cargo companies such as DHL, Fedex, UPS and others. It ships products all over the world through the cargo companies in its facilities equipped with the most modern machines.

Production Request

#Production Request For Fast Selling Products

- We re-produce products that run out of stock quickly, specifically for you.
- We make special production for you by determining the minimum quantity of the fabrics you have  chosen.

Production Rules;
1-) In special production orders, the total amount of the product is communicated to the customer upon receipt of production approval and payment is taken in advance.
2-) Manufacturing deadlines and product delivery dates may vary depending on the products.
3-) The customer is informed about the deadline before production. Deadlines do not exceed 4 weeks.
4-) Once the production of the order is completed, shipping and export operations begin.
5-) The shipping fee option is collected separately from the customer, depending on the transportation company. Or it is sent with customer payment.



Create your own wholesale list to review and get the final prices for your products. This is the new era of best quality wholesale men's wear.